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Top 5 Extreme Sports in the World | Quotes & Wishes

Top 5 Extreme Sports in the World

The World’s 5 Most Extreme Sports: When it comes to extreme, the first thing that comes to mind is risk for life and when we hear of the term “extreme sports” immediately one thinks of a sport involving a high level of inherent danger with life at risk. The origin of the term is unclear, but it gained worldwide popularity when it was picked up by many marketing companies to promote the X games when the Extreme Sports Channel and Extreme.com was launched in the 1990’s. Extreme sports get you heart beating faster and blood pumping more furiously as they involve a huge risk of life. But there are sportsman who are willing to take this danger and when they play their sport, it’s not just a mere game or championship on the line as their lives face constant danger and slight mishap can in the worst case end their existence.

Here we are talking about the top 5 most extreme sports worldwide involving a real risk of life but on the other hand will also make you feel that ‘you just conquered death’. How many of you would try out any of these sports????

  1. Sky Diving


Remember those men jumping off a plane in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara flying down to the ground? Now that’s we are just talking about. Skydiving also known as parachuting is one of the most dangerous sport to exist in which one makes a freefall from anywhere between 1000-4000 meters altitude and returning to earth with the aid of gravity. A parachute is used to slow down the last part of the descent to land safely on the land. It is a sport for one who is adrenaline driven and has a head for heights. It is an ultimate thrill and if you’ve got the nerve to go it alone up there you must definitely try it out. You are given a day of intensive training so as to ensure that you have the knowledge to stay safe before being taken up there and try out your ultimate leisurely descent. Views up there, I must tell are simply stunning and will surely make you feel like heaven. New Zealand, Australia and USA are some of the most famous sky diving location.

  1. Wingsuit Flying


Wingsuit Flying is a sport of flying a human body in the air with the help of a special suit, known as the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is specially designed to add surface area to the human body enabling a significant increase in lift. It is strongly not recommended for inexperienced people as the sport involves significant risk as flying a winguit adds considerable amount of complexities to a skydive. Managing to fly a wingsuit is a real tough job but once you get appropriate experience and training you just fly like a bird. It takes skydiving to a new level as you skydive or jump from a considerable height and can just fly wherever you wish to. Crossing mountains from very close is a breath stopping experience. Once you let yourself go, you’ll forget all your worries and just feel the experience as all you experience is just peace and freedom as no one’s there to guide you. On the other hand it is really near-death experience as one if not being able to fly the suit may crash himself anywhere and your most amazing moment may turn out to be the worst nightmare for you. So be careful what you wish for as you just might get it. But keeping aside everything it is just a life changing experience.

  1. Highlining


All of you most have seen tightrope act in circus where some clown balances himself on a rope using a pole and covers a certain distance. Now Highlining lining is the extreme version of it. It is a practice where one balances himself on nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. In highlining the wire is located high up in the air or above water. Many consider it to be the pinnacle of the sport as it makes near-death experience look like so much fun. The most dangerous part is that you don’t have a net to catch you in case you lose balance and also as the wire is t a height the continuous high speed winds makes it even worse as the wire never remains stabilized and taut. Get ready to die if in case you lose your balance. But still there are huge number of people who just love the sport as it really makes you pump high adrenaline rush. One of the oldest dreams of mankind is to float like a bird high into the sky comes to be fulfilled through this sport. It would provide you a feeling of freedom.

  1. Cave diving


The sport was pioneered by the famous Jacques Costeau. It is underwater diving in caves which are at least partially filled with water. And this is where the danger lies. In case your equipment fails for any of the reasons, the dark cave makes it very difficult to make a quick escape to the surface. There are a very few practitioners of the sport due to lack of specialized equipments and mainly because of the high risk involved including decompression sickness and drowning. The caves underwater are dark as very little sunlight makes it to the caves and thus making it a lot more thrilling and risky as the diver doesn’t knows where he is heading to what next he has to face. Despite the risks involved, water filled caves attract many mainly due to their often unexplored nature. True cave diving involves diving at thousands of feet beyond the reach of sunlight making the sport one of its kind.

  1. Bungee jumping

Bungee-Jumping1Now that’s a sport I would suggest everyone to surely try out. The thrill involved is just unexplainable. It is a great adrenalin rush. Your legs are fastened using a large elastic rod and you are said to jump off a platform usually around hundreds of meters above the ground. The free fall and the rebound is real thrill. You never know if the rope would make you land safely or not but then that’s the real risk. Once you jump the cord stretches and the jumper would fly upwards again as the cord recoils until all the kinetic energy is lost. Not a sport for the weak hearted ones but strongly recommended for those who want to experience real thrill. The Guinness Book of World Records for the highest bungee jump was by AJ Hackett from Macau Tower of China from an altitude of 233 meters, seriously insane.

So these are the top 5 World’s Most Extreme Sports which only few people can think to do. All the information in this gathered by Mr. Rahul Gupta. I hope you would love his contribution to our blog.

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